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Salvia divinorum







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Quick List: - Peyote - San Pedro - Banisteriopsis caapi - Morning Glory - Ephedra nevadensis - Peganum harmala - Mimosa hostilis - Crestate - Papaver somniferum - Calea zacatechichi - Trichocereus peruvianus - Guarana - Sinicuichi - Ololiuqui - Yopo - Virola calophylla - Tabernanthe iboga - Yerba Mate - Amanita muscaria - Leonotis leonurus - Salvia divinorum extract - Kratom extract -

discover the gifts of nature…

news Several new herbs and original Peruvian incense added to the store. Also make sure to check out the special offers!

New products
Camphor Bush (Tarchonanthus camphoratus)Camphor Bush (Tarchonanthus camphoratus)
Camphor Bush leaves have been used for centuries by the Bushmen in perfumes and massage oils. It is also used medicinally.

Price € 17.50 (leaves, 100 gr.)
SenCation BlackberrySenCation Blackberry
SenCation is a herbal incense. By carefully selecting the aromatic biotic herbals, this product will give you a fresh and delicate scent when burned.

Price € 25.00 (3 grams)
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African Dream RootAfrican Dream Root roots, 10 grams
This South African plant is often compared to the Calea zacatechichi plant. Some say this plant is even more effective. It is traditionally used to induce dreaming and to communicate with one’s ancestors in their sleep.
€ 18.00
Salvia divinorumSalvia divinorum dried leaves, 3 grams
Diviner's sage - Dried leaves of Salvia divinorum, ethically harvested in Mexico. TEMPORARILY 33% DISCOUNT!
€ 2.00
Palo SantoPalo Santo shredded, 50 grams
Palo Santo is also called ‘Holy Wood’. Palo Santo has a very pleasant strong and sweet smell when burned. It is known to soothe and calm the spirit and clear the room of negative energy. From 7.75 for 6 euro per 50 grams.
€ 5.50

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